• Transfer Technology

    S Sistemi has also put the target of realizing innovative processes in the environmental field. 

 We have close relationships with two Italian universities such as to create and develop some innovation project the most important is the process of hydrothermic inerting of waste containing asbestos. 
This process patented in…

  • Logistics

    Serving clients throughout the world has highlighted the problem of logistics that S Sistemi has well solved taking charge of the shipment to customers domicile, working out any problem related to transportation, including import and customs clearance needs at destination. 
S Systems is now able to run expeditions for any…


    Often the most important challenge faced by foreign clients in bringing a project to renovate their properties, is closely related to the realization of the ‘Interior design. 
S Sistemi since three decades has proven to be the right partner for the achievement of a so important dream as realizing their…