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European Regulation 679/2016 – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
The new EU Regulation 679/2016 on the protection of Personal Data (the “GDPR”), in conjunction with with all other national and/or Community provisions and/or regulations applicable to the protection of Personal Data, stipulates that Data Subjects must be informed in advance regarding the use of their Personal Data and that the processing of such Personal Data is only permitted with the express consent of the Data Subject (natural person and/or company, except in the cases established by Law.
Therefore, for the purposes of the new EU Regulation 679/2016 and pursuant to Articles 13 and 14, it is hereby declared that:

* The Data Controller is S Sistemi Sas, with registered office at Via G. B. Mauri 5 – 20900 MONZA (MB) and Operational and Administrative Headquarters at Via A. Righi 72 – 20851 LISSONE (MB), having Tax Code/VAT no. 02003410962, telephone +39 2454676, fax +39 2450600, email and certified email

* Our Company is in possession of some of your Personal Data.
* The processing of such Data is for the sole purpose of executing:

  • Contractual obligations as part of the company’s normal business activities pertaining to specific customer requests/orders;

  • Regulatory obligations and in particular, tax and accounting obligations;

* Personal Data is processed in the manner specified below.

Nature of Personal Data held by our company
The personal, sensitive and legal data held by S Sistemi Sas, through which it is possible to identify a natural person and/or body/company and which renders it possible to trace all those with whom relations have been entered into to date (name, surname, residential address, identity card, passport and/or any other identification document number, tax code and/or VAT number, registered and/or operational address, telephone numbers, fax number, email address, certified email address, etcetera) is that thanks to which our Company may come into contact and interact with you for purposes connected with our activity, as better specified in the Company Statute filed with the Milan, Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce with which S Sistemi Sas
has been registered since 1989.
Purposes and legal basis for processing
The provision of personal and sensitive data is not compulsory however refusal to provide such data shall render it impossible for S Sistemi Sas
to continue to provide the services as specified above and necessary for:

  • Sending quotes and instructions to suppliers, sub-suppliers or to all external persons and/or entities and/or companies that perform activities strictly connected and instrumental to the management of the commercial relationship with our customers (so, entities/companies that are part of the forwarding chain, suppliers of raw materials, finished products, credit institutions, consultants, freelance professionals, insurance companies, lawyers, whether individual or associated and so on);

  • Sending communications with the aim of illustrating and raising awareness of the reality, the capabilities and services/products that our Company is able to provide.

Recipients or categories of recipients to whom Personal Data may be disclosed
Personal Data is and shall be utilised exclusively by persons and personnel authorised by us for this purpose and may be disclosed:

  • To any collaborators of our Company and to our employees, within the scope of their respective duties and in relation to the service to be provided by the Company;

  • To any natural and/or legal persons, both public and private, whereby communication is necessary and/or functional for the performance of the company’s activities in the manner and for the purposes described above (suppliers, sub-suppliers, consultants, correspondents, external third parties, banks, lawyers, insurance companies, etcetera);

  • To parties to whom the right to access the Data is recognised and established by provisions of Law and/or secondary regulations and/or provisions issued by Italian and/or international Authorities so authorised by laws in force regarding the exchange of goods between nations, in Europe and throughout the world, at the time when the shipping services and/or supply of products requested by our customer are carried out.

The indicated persons shall utilise the Data as autonomous Data Controllers or as Data Processors.

Methods of Data Processing and Data Retention Criteria
In relation to the aforementioned purposes, it should be noted that the Personal Data acquired by our Company are subject to computerised and hardcopy processing, with all operations necessary for processing being implemented in such a way as to guarantee logical and physical security and confidentiality, in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

Data Retention Period
Personal Data shall be retained for an unlimited period of time and until/unless the Data Subject objects/unsubscribes.

Rights of the Data Subject: Rights of Access – Article 15, Right to Rectification – Article 16, Right to Erasure – Article 17 of the EU Req. 679/2016
The Data Subject is entitled to exercise their rights in the cases expressly set out in the GDPR (Articles 15 to 22 thereof) by contacting our Company at any time they wish.
In particular, the Data Subject may:

  1. Request confirmation that their Data is being processed and, if so, ask the Data Controller for access to the information pertaining to such processing;

  2. Request rectification of the Data if found to be inaccurate or incomplete;

  3. Have the Data Controller delete their Data, except and without prejudice to compliance with legal and tax obligations;

  4. Request restriction of processing;

  5. Ask to receive, in a commonly used and machine-readable format, the Data concerning them or to obtain the direct transmission of such Data to another Data Controller, where technically feasible (“Data Portability”).

The Data Subject also has the option of exercising their right to object, in whole or in part and on legitimate grounds, to the processing of their Personal Data and if they consider that such processing violates the Personal Data Protection Act, has the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (

To exercise the rights specified above, a written request must be sent by email to the company’s certified email

Consequences of non-communication
It should be noted that in the absence of consent to the processing and communication of Data, being of a compulsory nature for the purposes described above, S Sistemi Sas
shall be unable to continue to provide the Data Subject with the services and/or products requested, in whole or in part.

Contact Us: We remain at your complete disposal, ready to provide any further details and/or information regarding the processing of Personal Data, for which Data Subjects are kindly requested to send a written request via email to the Company’s certified mail

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The various types of Cookies

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